Thursday, January 2, 1997

Mexico, Yucatan, Merida

Flew out of Houston Intercontinental Airport with Stephanie. Arrived in Merida. Got taxi to Hotel Ambassador. On television – “Baywatch.” Explored town some. Went to the Square. Lots of people out enjoying the night. Couples, families. Streets are all very narrow and one-way. Sidewalks narrow. Ate in Comida Rapida restaurant. Ordered lemonade, tasted it, then ordered XX beer and drank that instead. Lots of policemen. Saw a pair of policemen on foot – one armed with semi-automatic rifle, other with shotgun. Steph called her parents from a small, 3-phone, back-room business. Cost about US$2.50 for one minute. The woman used a stopwatch to time the call and then Steph paid right there. Can smell and taste the pollution in air. People friendly. Am looking forward to getting out to the ruins. Weather very humid and pleasantly warm.