Sunday, September 28, 2003

U.S.A., North Dakota

Uncle J ramrodded a trail ride on his ranch. The ride camped near Poison Lake.

Poison Lake, as the story goes, got its name in the Dakota Territory days. A cattle drive passed through in the sweltering heat of summer. When they arrived at the lake, the spare horses ran out into it. Poison Lake is a spring-fed lake, and is very cold year-round. Before they could get the horses out, many of them had already drunk themselves to death. The cowboys had to get on to the railhead, and so left the corpses of the horses in the lake. Local settlers later saw the corpses and named the lake "Poison Lake."

First picture - Uncle J.
Second - J's girlfriend Teri. Teri was a professional rodeo rider when she was younger. She completely lost her eyesight ten years ago, but has never stopped riding; her horses still see very well.
Third - C'est moi.

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